Not good news, part 2

Doctor came in today with the new nurse manager (may be a good admin but not as a nurse in my experience) and said he just got off the phone with the radiologist. They want me to go in for a breast needle biopsy due to an abnormality. UHHHHH they read the friggin’ ultrasound that day and said it was fine PLUS I squeezed the sucker and it popped and spewed pimple guck, aka puss. There is no lump to biopsy now!!

I’m refusing the needle biopsy for now. I need to talk to my friend, a nurse, who knows me as intimately as a nurse can. I trust her, not some quack.

Still catching up on email. Hope to finish by the weekend. I really do miss hearing from my friends.

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  1. Jersey Says:

    If there was one person to just go ahead an pop it.. It sure as hell you be you LOL

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